Rubikon Beton LTD company was established in 2009 as a successor of ЕТ Rubikon company, which had been in existence since 2000. The manufacturing facility is located in the town of Saedinenie on an area of 12 000 square meters and it comprises three production units.

  1. Concrete pavements.
  2. Concrete mixing plant.
  3. Concrete mixing plant.

All production units are fully automated and are in compliance with the requirements of international standards. Their cutting edge technology equipment ensures high quality production throughout the year.

With our more than 15 years of experience, we have won our customers’ confidence by satisfying their needs through provision of comprehensive, top quality solutions at competitive prices. We maintain partnership relations with some of the leading companies in the construction business.


The formation of a positive business climate in Bulgaria has always been one of the priorities of Rubikon Beton LTD. We have been aspiring to be a partner for our customers, by maintaining good relationships with them and accepting competition as a driving force of market development.


The vision of the company is determined by several significant factors: extensive management experience of the team of managers, existence of a clear direction of development, applying European standards in construction industry and an overall system of human resources management, which includes modern technologies of employee audit and continuous motivation and stimulation of staff. We are aiming at being an uncompromising example of a socially responsible company with efficient management. Our success is backed up by our good reputation. We are seeking new challenges every day, trying to keep and improve this reputations by being honest, responsible and treating with respect our suppliers, customers and employees.



Rubikon Beton LTD works for improving and maintaining a high level of satisfaction of its customers through the provision of high quality products and services at optimal prices.

The company follows a clearly defined corporate strategy which determines its main goals and priorities and which takes into consideration the changing needs of the market. It is important for us to continuously renovate our production potential, to develop and introduce new own production technologies, to increase the production capacity and systematically improve the competence of our employees. The main goals which Rubikon Beton has set are the following:

  • improving business sustainability through investments in innovative production capacity;
  • optimal expanding of its market share and ensuring the efficient operation of the company;
  • protecting customer interests;
  • acting decently and keeping our promises;
  • accomplishing better results in anything we do;
  • having fair competition relations with our competitors;
  • helping our employees reach their full potential[/accordion-item]
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